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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekly Update #12

Happy Thanksgiving!

   We are thankful for all of the hard word finally paying off, and thankful to everyone who contributed to our build.  This week we will be moving in and finishing things throughout the winter!  This past week we stained our bedroom floor, hung some more lights, packed out some more walls, finished the bottle walls between the entryway and the living room, and added to the flagstone hallway floor.  My dad, Michelle, and Bridget came for a visit this weekend and helped us get a lot done.  Monday through Wednesday of this week we're having a crew plaster our bedroom and the living room so we can MOVE IN!
dark-stained bleacher-board floor

master bedroom floor

bottle wall with the pink grow light in background

14 chicks in a box

chicken coop

chicks checking out their coop for the 1st time!

my dad with the chandelier he installed in the foreground

Michelle finishing the bottle wall

woo hoo, bottle wall finished!

living room completely packed out

packing out a hallway closet section

Bridget and I cleaned and taped bottle bricks

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekly Update #11

This past weekend was an uplifting one with the earthship.  Chad's cousin Jon visited and the three of us worked for hours to put a final concrete coat on our bedroom and the living room.  Now we're going to let that dry for a week and plaster this weekend!  We also grouted the back hallway, almost finished the front hallway flagstone, installed our interior french doors, worked at some bottle walls, cleaned our room in preparation to stain the wood floor, and installed our washer.  Great news about that... I thought the machines would stick out way too much into the hallway but it's fine!  We hope to be moved in by Thanksgiving!
greenhouse flagstone floor

bedroom wall final cement coat

"Circle Room" back doorway/airlock floor

bedroom wall

master bathroom... shower glass!

master bedroom closet

Jon in the living room

Yager bottle wall

living room final cement coat


master bedroom

master bedroom

master bedroom

master bedroom
master bedroom closet

master bathroom


entryway french doors

flagstone greenhouse floor and grow lamp for our orange tree

bottle wall

back hallway grouted

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Update #10

     This past week was really cold and rainy.  We installed some lights and unpacked some kitchenware into the cupboards.  Chad worked on plumbing the kitchen faucet, drain, and attempted to plumb the dishwasher.  It wasn't until Saturday that I made the executive decision to move the cement mixer inside.  Chad went away Saturday-Monday and I didn't have the visitors I had been expecting due to Hurricane Sandy, but big thanks to the Wimmersberger family and friends for your visit!  After touring the earthship and some lunch, Ross and I mixed concrete with the kids' help and then Clayton, Caylie, Elisa, Harriet, and Carla packed out a few walls.  Later Clayton and I made some more bottle bricks, and then he tried to say goodbye to everyone when it was time to go (he wanted to stay and work with me!)

Harriet scraping extra cement off of the granite floor

Elisa, Clayton, Caylee, and Carla pack out the back hallway while Keith looks on

the girls pack out the living room corner

Carla, Harriet, Eliza, and Caylie

cute-as-can-be Celsey added "the magic fibers" to our cement mix

children in front of the packed-out wall

group shot: me, Clayton, Elisa, Celsey, Harriet, Caylie, Carla, and Anna

our new washer and dryer... that don't fit in the designated spot... gotta figure that out

the new indoor mixing-station set-up (and Koda)
I worked on packing out our bedroom

remains of some more bottle-brick making

upper wall in our bedroom with it's 2nd pack out layer