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Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekly Update #14

Sorry that I don't have many pictures, but lately there's just been a lot of finishing touches/cleaning going on.  This past week we scrubbed the mosaic granite floor a bit more, washed windows (LOTS of windows), scrubbed the bottles and excess concrete particles on our bedroom/bathroom bottle wall, and moved some more personal belongings to the earthship.  I measured, cut, and sanded pieces for our bathroom vanity as well as a headboard for our bed, and I stained them and am in the processing of putting coats of polyurethane on them.  I bought some curtains and rods to match the color scheme of our bedroom and hung them on each entrance to our closet.  I also finished installing the trim and kickboard in the kitchen.  Hopefully soon we'll have some more exciting pictures... future projects include finishing and installing our bathroom vanity, drywalling the bathroom, painting our bedroom and the living room, grouting the one tiled bedroom and moving things into it, tiling the pantry, finishing the pantry walls, building pantry shelves, finishing the back hallway walls, building shelves for those, building bedside tables and a couch-side table, installing all of our light fixtures... oh boy the list goes on and it's a little daunting to keep going so I'm just going to stop there.

my closet curtain

my beautiful view from in the shower

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekly Update # 13... moving in!

     Well the point has finally come... we are starting to move things into the Earthship!  We been working hard on finishes this past week (I didn't post after Thanksgiving week because we were both out of town for a good part of the week).  We are almost done with every floor in the house (no more dusty dirt floors!) and had our living room and master bedroom professionally plastered.  We moved our clothes and dressers into our bedroom and have completely unpacked our kitchen.  Our couches arrived Sunday so we have a little living room now : )  Joe, Wes, and Osmany came this past weekend and Joe and Wes worked on the bedroom floors while Osmany was doing thermal readings of the house throughout the day for a school project.  This week we'd like to complete the pantry and get some shelves in there for our dry food, and drywall our master bathroom wall.
     Thanks to Joe, Wes, and Osmany for coming up!  You guys are the best.

Yager brick wall above hallway door 
master bedroom: floor finished, wall plastered, recessed shelves

view from the bathroom throne in the master

starry night bedroom wall... soon to have more hallway lights so the light behind the bottles is spread out

we hired some plasterers and this is how one of them left their glove  : )

tried introducing Ellie to the Earthship but she was kind of freaked out

14 little chickens cuddled up in a box together in their coop!

Unveiling our memory-foam mattress... had to wait 24 hours for it to rise up

living room scratch-coat

our bed

laying the entryway floor

this is that crazy glow light Chad bought for our orange tree... it is sooo bright
and this is what it looks like to work under it... my eyes get so messed up!

Almost done with the entryway floor... recessed circle in the center for a mosaic

Wes, Joe, and Osmany crashing in the living room

Joe and Wes dry-packing extra bedroom #1

finishing bedroom #2

laying the tile floor that looks like wood planks

awesome Joe


laundry area

our open kitchen/living room/dining room

our kitchen

living room (woo hoo new couches!)

breakfast bar

slightly blurry pic from a different angle

oh yeah... they both have recliners


future sun-compass floor mosaic

another angle of the finished bedroom floor

outside the master bedroom

slightly lived-in master

unfinished non-organized closet