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Monday, February 25, 2013

More doors, painting, and pantry-work!

Chad and I have continued to chip away at projects around the house (despite dark rainy days where we just want to cuddle up and watch a movie!)  Here are some of the projects we've been working on lately:

me laying the pantry tile floor with free tile from Best Buy in Rochester, NY!

Our living room needed some help where the wall met the floor.  I took the extra thin-set from tiling the pantry and touched up the floor, then painted it all the way down to a nice crisp line on the floor!

orange tree starting to blossom!

lemon tree has lots of blossoms!

Chad's latest door: the Starry Night room's door

the back of the door

Sunshine Room door

Starry Night room door
Sunshine room entryway

Starry Night room entryway

trim in the family bathroom

painted the Yager wall above the hallway doorway

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Interior Updates

Chad's been making the doors for the bedrooms and bathroom and they're turning out beautiful so far.  My mom visited this past weekend and helped us paint our bedroom.  We painted it gray... I know that sounds weird because the cement was gray, but it evened out the tones of different applications of cement (some of the water used was dirty and there were patches) and we decided to stick with the gray because our room's color scheme is like a silvery/blue/dark wood.

First, though, I totally forgot to put up a picture from when Nick, an apprentice from the build, visited us last weekend.  He was so thoughtful that he brought us a housewarming gift... a well-planned custom-made shelf with scrap pieces of all of the different types of wood that went into building our house.  The end product is really cool and we can't wait to find a place to hang it.  Thanks Nick!

the bathroom door Chad made
inside the family bathroom

Chad getting creative on his 2nd door

door to the sunshine room, the room we named because of the yellow, orange, and red bottles in the wall and eventually a giant sun on the east wall

another back door shot of the cement branches

my mom helping us paint the bedroom

finished closet wall

finished main wall... looking much cleaner than it did before we painted

painted bottle wall

our bedroom: new shiny coat on floor, bathroom and closet wall in background

bathroom/bedroom bottle wall lit up

nice new shiny floor

Sunshine Room door (exterior) in place
interior side of the Sunshine room's door

northern view of The Sunshine Room
northern view with room lights off and hallway lights on

southern view of The Sunshine Room
meanwhile our bed (and Koda) were temporarily in the Starry Night bedroom

northern view of The Starry Night room... floor in and grouted!

Starry Night room with room light off and hallway light on

Monday, February 4, 2013

Colors inside and out!

     This past week we've been adding light fixtures, cleaning, and getting a bit farther with the guest bathroom.  Chad painted it green, so our next step will be working on the tub/shower area.
     We had another productive weekend filled with visitors!  I'm so glad our good friends Adam, Amanda, and Brian came over.  We've missed them so as we've been working hard on the house, but can't wait to have them over for brunch sometime soon!  Wes (an apprentice during the big 3-week build) came back with his girlfriend Mandy and tiled the last bedroom and poured a concrete slab in our pantry.  Meanwhile, Mandy, Chad, and I painted the living room a sunshiny yellow.  Nick (another apprentice from the build) also came with his brother Dylan, who brought a bunch of cool energy-reading equipment from his school.  For example, the infrared pictures below show temperatures of whatever the camera is picturing.  This helps to see which spots in the house hold the heat (or cool).  Nick and Dylan even helped Wes by mixing concrete outside in the 10 degree weather!  They had to chop up our sand pile with a pick-ax to get the materials!  That's earthship dedication.  We had such a great time with all of you this weekend.  Thank you IMMENSELY for your help and company!!!
     On Sunday, our friends Connie and John stopped over and brought a lovely housewarming gift basket.  Connie marked each gift with a cute little metaphor.  : )
     Chad has been preparing to make our doors for the bedrooms from the back hallways, and began nailing one together last night.  He's doing a great job!  See the pictures below.
     Next weekend we're anticipating some family stopping in, but feel free to come on over to check it out or help!

front of house

fresh footprints leave heat in the snow!

back doorway of house

inside corner near the big bottle wall/circle window is the coldest spot in the house

our cat, Darwin  : )

glass bottles above the main entry... you can tell the cement around them is holding in the heat!

infrared chicken!

front tire wall: doing a great job holding in the heat!

infrared tree

roof with the wood stove chimney 

A picture of our cooling tube with the interior door closed (we haven't yet capped them off outside).  You can see that a little bit of cooler temperature is around it

Now with the cooling tube interior door open: cool air coming into the house! (Should be great in the summer time!)

Our wood stove (metal turtle trivet on top)

Yay Wes installing dark brown tile floor!

nice job!

Dylan conducting a pressure-test that sealed the house and showed where cracks might be letting in/out air

Mandy and I painting the living room

Wes and Nick pouring concrete onto the pantry floor

Nick and Dylan mixing concrete for Wes in the freezing winter!

living room painted and put back together... ready to go out to dinner!

finished living room color

painted guest bathroom

Chad's artistic creation: barbed-wire exhaust cover in the master bathroom

recycled-pallet English Ivy plant hanger

shower plants 
finished living room

new pantry slab

sconces in the living room

housewarming basket from Connie and John  : )

beautiful chandelier in our bathroom installed!
entryway chandelier installed... soon to have wine bottles on it

Chad making the doors

sneak peek of one not completely done yet