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Monday, November 18, 2013

Autumn Update

Wow, its been awhile!  The big update:  we were featured in an episode of a great PBS show called Growing a Greener World:  Episode 416: Sustainable Homes  I'm actually using these episodes in my high school science elective this year as they fit into the curriculum perfectly!

My cousin, Jon, did an awesome video update in early September.  Unfortunately I cannot embed the clip here so go to the source:  http://vimeo.com/77143056 

We've spent much of late summer/autumn finishing some concrete/masonry work outside.  We poured a walkway and entryway at the West entrance (our main entry from the driveway) and finished the brown-stained cement finish coat on the East end.
The greenhouse is still productive...peppers, citrus blossoms, and sauce tomatoes.  Our banana tree is finally starting to bloom too!

We've been using the wood-fired oven for a lot of our cooking so far.  It takes awhile to heat up but it eventually doubles as a great heat source as well.  We've had a couple nights in the 20s and as long as it is sunny during the day, we don't have to start a fire.  On cloudy, cold days we usually start one but it easily brings the place up to the lower 70s.  The greenhouse has been a lot warmer so far as it wasn't fully insulated last winter.

We hosted a tour of Groton Middle School students via an after school teen program with the Groton Public Library.  Its a shame there is no funding for field trips anymore.  Luckily this grant-funded program was able to provide enrichment for about 15 students....and....Pizza!

Winter Projects:  Finish the other bathroom (shower), build the second hallway closet, tile mosaic in the West entryway greenhouse area, and plaster the back hallway.

Spring Projects:  finish East and West patios, final masonry coat on West end, and finish garden

Stay tuned for a Kickstarter Campaign for our spring/summer project!