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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pantry and Greenhouse!

On our long Memorial Day weekend, Chad finished the greenhouse ceiling and I finished our pantry.  I LOVE how it turned out!  Check it out below!


new lighting

brackets in place

very tricky in a concrete room... hence the vertical 2x4s plastered to the wall!

I spent a long time fitting the shelves around the 2x4s and fitting to the curves of the slanted tire wall, then stained them, the assembly!

birch supports!

nice big walk-in pantry with two walls of shelves

a view from the interior corner of the pantry

upper shelf on 3rd wall

time to make the door... side 1

side 2!

paint and mosaic to match the pantry interior
I love mosaic-ing!!!

pantry stocked... lots more room to go to BJ's tonight to stock up!

brewing table and canning shelves

door installed!  exterior

pantry door next to my entryway mudroom unit

I love my interior side of the door!

     Now for some greenhouse pictures!  We filled the planter cells with topsoil so they look much cleaner and neater now, and food is starting to grow everywhere!

bloom in the sunshine room

18 buckets of strawberries!



sorry it's blurry, but soon to be an awesome sunflower!

avocado tree coming back to life!
cucumbers in the back airlock


Go red go!

the obligatory bottle wall/greenhouse length shot

backyard "parking lot" and topsoil mound all leveled!
the start of Chad's "Fall 2013" project that he got a little too excited for the other day: Brick Pizza Oven

And now, to leave you with a few unrelated but pretty pictures of the 'ship:
Earthship rainbow!

rainbow and view of topsoil spread out back!

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