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Friday, June 27, 2014

Spring Update

Here is a quick update of some of the things happening around the Freeville Earthship.
Solara is adjusting to her first month of life!
The Greenhouse is alive with Peppers, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Greens, Strawberries, Artichokes, and we have baby Meyer Lemons.  The Avocado tree has put on lots of new growth as well and should start producing next year.  Water flow in the house is so efficient that we find ourselves running faucets to fill the greywater planter this time of year.

Outside we're currently establishing a "food forest" for humans, birds, and pollinators.  Pictured is yellow sweet clover, elderberry, and currants
To supplement our winter energy needs, we're putting up a small wind turbine that should deliver about 30-40 KWH per month
With any free time I'm currently building a 12'x 50' underground greenhouse.  Not knowing how it'll actually turn out, I'm hoping that it stays above freezing all winter long.  More progress pics on this in the future.


  1. What model of wind turbine are you putting up?

  2. Hey Karl! It's an Air 40 made by Primus Wind. It connects right to the batteries, bypassing the charge controllers. We'll be standing it up once I ground it.

  3. Thanks. I have an Air-X Marine stored in the basement as our ultimate backup if needed. How high is your tower?

  4. Nice...the tower I only 27'. The other tower kit option was 45' but I thought that would look too weird. The idea is just to learn from the Air 40 and maybe expand into something more powerful down the road. You guys have a turbine up right?

  5. No, we were going to add one to supplement the PV system (nights and winter especially), but we opted instead to add to our PV capacity. Less maintenance was the main reason. We do have two battery banks now though. As the saying goes, "You have one, you have none (in the event of a failure)."