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Saturday, June 30, 2012

4th tire course, 3rd thermal wrap tier DONE!

We worked really hard this week in the HOT weather!  We finished pounding and leveling the entire 4th course.  Then we decided to put up the 3rd tier of the thermal wrap (insulation board) and backfill more.  Our wall is getting taller and taller, and our dirt pile is really diminishing!  A special thank you to my mom, Char, who camped on site and worked hard from Wednesday through Sunday!  She said she didn't want to leave until the 5th course had begun.  Other visitors this week included Reuben and Chad's dad Gary.  Thanks everyone who is coming out to support us!
I found my mom taking a cool break in a cave Chad had dug from out dirt pile.

Reuben, me, and my mom working on the last tires of the 4th course

Chad and mom shoveling dirt against the 3rd tier of the thermal wrap to keep it perpendicular

Gary on the tractor to bring in more backfill
Sunset over the earthship

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