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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Student Visitors

This past weekend, Chad and I had several students from our respective schools stop over to learn about the earthship and to pound a tire or two!  Thank you so much everyone, and come back any time!

Caroline Elementary School students and families:

Sisters Emma and Savannah pause from shoveling dirt to hug and smile for the camera

Tom pours a bucket of dirt into the tire and Savannah and Lauren push it into the sides 

Owen and Emma pounding tires with 8 pound sledgehammers!

Savannah takes a break to play in the gravel pile

Brothers Eli and Ben eager to pound some tires

Groton Middle and High School students and families:

Jenny and Cali got a great start on the 4th course of tires
Camille, Christine, Lisa, Alissa, and Josh (not pictured) added to the momentum!


  1. This is so amazing! I'm definitely going to follow your progress. Best of luck to you both. :-D

  2. My cousins built one of these out in Solon. They are really neat. What size tire do you need? We've got a few behind the barn and I hate growing skeeters.

  3. Greetings,

    It looks like you guys are making great progress with your build and as someone hailing originally from the Utica area, I am glad to see such development happening in NYS. Much like the two of you, my girlfriend and I took a fabulous trip to Taos this past December and really fell in love with the Earthship concept. We are very interested in starting a build of our own sometime in the next two years. But before we get there we want to see, hear and feel as much Earthship stuff as we possibly can. Based on your blog, it seems like you guys are relatively keen on visitors coming to check things out, but I wanted to extend a formal inquiry as to wether or not it might be ok for us to stop by sometime in early August to pick your brains and see your progress. I hope everything continues to go well and I greatly look forward to your response. Thank you very much.
    Best regards,

    Rich Wilson

    1. Rich,
      Of course! We'd love for you to come visit! We'll give you all the tips we've collected : ) We are out of town August 1-2 but then we're around! Email me (courtneyjdevoe@gmail.com) as it gets closer to work out the details!