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Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Weekly Update

     Thanks for following along with us!  Last weekend we had many visitors; two people from Montreal wanting to check out our 'ship, my sister and her boyfriend, our friends Dirk and Bronwyn and their two daughters, Anne (the woman we bought the land from and lived with while we built the earthship) and her sister Linda, and a few people that just showed up and said "what is this?!"
      This week we put in some more finishing touches, like doorknobs on each door, trim in our master bathroom, bifold doors in the laundry area, and some more wood-stain.  We worked a lot in the family bathroom, and are ready to paint it and soon tile the shower/tub!  

Check out the pictures below for some updates:

diamonds between bedroom and family bathroom

family bathroom vanity 

preparing to install the toilet and tub

toilet installed
sink installed

family bathroom view from the tub/shower

beautiful sink and my backsplash 
the vanity I made (a little dusty in this picture from drywall)

beautiful sunrise out our eastern doorway

Chad cat-proofed the planter cell in the kitchen!

colorful back hallway

finished bathroom with lights and trim

Chad decorated the shower with more plants

Darwin asleep on our mountain of receipts from this build
Ellie lounging in the sunshine
Koda passed out on our bed in the sunshine

greenhouse hallway shot

plants in guest bedroom

Calla lily shot

cool-looking plant Chad put in a guest bedroom

English Ivy shot

artistic look up the guest bedroom can wall (to be covered in the spring)

banana tree leaf uncurling

hydrangea plants in the kitchen planter cell

I finished the WOM (water organizing module) cabinet doors!

and the laundry folding station doors

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  1. Just found your blog - love it! My husband and I really want to build an earthship home ... all the plants are so refreshing!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure!