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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Master Bathroom!

I'm so sorry it took me so long to finally update the blog!  Things are slower and slower with the school year progressing, and the days being so short.  But I do have some great projects to share!  

I put these cute little leaf cabinet pulls on our kitchen cabinets:

I built our master bathroom vanity out of wood leftover from the house build, and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

I also experimented with making a Ball Jar sconce:

We drywalled the master bathroom and while Chad spackled, I put a bunch of free tile samples together for a backsplash:

And this is how it turned out... love it!!!

Then I installed our new vessel sinks:

And finally, the faucets:

Our cat, Darwin, has to check out any and every new addition:

Here's what our living/dining room currently looks like with the sunshine pouring in:

And the living room at night when we project movies and cuddle up on the reclining couches:

Recently I've worked on the family bathroom vanity:

I'm excited how the grain shows with this board and stain!

Our entryway is currently my wood-working shop!

And here's the vessel sink for the family bathroom... so cool!

Here are some pictures of how the plants in our greenhouse are doing:

orange tree blossoming

banana tree has baby trees growing off the bottom

top view of the banana tree

some potato and tomato plants

lime tree with new growth

lemon tree blossoming

Here's "the sunshine room's" tile floor, grouted:
(P.S. Yes, it's tile made to look like wood boards, and yes, I did wipe the grout off with clean sponges several times yet it's still leaving a little cloudiness!)

       Another job that took a long time but doesn't show a huge difference in the house is that Chad built the transom window frames that act as moveable windows between the interior of the house and the greenhouse.  In the summer, we will open these windows so that when the greenhouse vents are opened to let the rising hot air escape, it will then pull in cool air from outside and underground through the cooling tubes sticking into the interior part of the house through the tire wall.

Here is where these windows will go:

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  1. I love the tile sample backsplash! How did you get the sample sheets, were they free?