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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hi followers,
          Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  Our work has died down a bit as we have done almost all we can this winter before needing to do plaster work to keep going.  For example, our pantry needs the walls finished before we build the shelves, and the back hallway needs the walls finished before we build the closets.  For the first time in a year, we have been relaxing a bit more!  Here are some pics from the last couple weeks though:

The top temperature is the greenhouse temperature and humidity and the bottom is the interior house temperature and humidity.  This was on a partly sunny 30 degree day without any heat source in the house.

our orange tree has lots of buds and blossoms

tomato plant and potatoes

snap peas
lime tree has lots of new growth

Starry Night room furnished

Starry Night room furnished

Starry Night room furnished

Lemon tree with sooo many blossoms!  They smell really good!

lemon tree blossom close-up

lemon tree blossom close-up

Ellie wishes she could be allowed in the greenhouse!

We moved the couch to open up the space a lot

don't mind the mess

I love this room, especially when it's sunny 

Woo hoo, new 4-ft window washer/squeegee!  We only have  22 large (floor to ceiling) glass windows to wash (x both sides) on the interior glass wall and around 40 (x both sides) on the exterior wall... no big deal.

new star lamps from my mom for The Starry Night room

Wine bottle chandelier complete!

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