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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One year ago we were pounding our first tire!

     Both being teachers, Chad and I have this week off and now that it's getting a bit warmer outside we are able to do some more things around the house.  It's amazing how much our lives revolve around the sun now.  Sun for us means more electricity, heat, and time.  A sunny day means I get to vacuum, run the dishwasher, or wash a load of clothes (but never at the same time).  It means the greenhouse will rise to a toasty 95 degrees F even if it's freezing outside.  It means our bottle walls will shine like colored stage lights.  And hopefully, it means the days are getting "longer" and warmer, which means that maybe soon we can start up the cement mixer after it's winter hibernation and finish some plastering in the house (the entryway, pantry, and the back closet walls). 
     At any rate, here are our latest pictures, with more to come at the end of this week:

Chad started insulating the greenhouse ceiling with old pieces of rigid foam insulation boards we had blowing around outside from the build

Chad roped up several buckets for hanging strawberry plants in the greenhouse

I braided the four strings together for a nicer look

moved the couch for a nice open living/dining room

new dining room table with kitchen in background, and new stools at the counter from my mom!

fig tree is coming back to life


snap peas

we were worried our new avocado tree was dying (the leaves were curled up and slowly turning brown) but it now has new buds!

hooray for avocados!

living room bottle art in the sunshine

my favorite spot int he house, on the love seat recliner facing the couch and bottle wall

earthship moonrise


  1. For foam insulation and other construction materials, a company in New York is growing them out of Mushroom. http://www.ted.com/talks/eben_bayer_are_mushrooms_the_new_plastic.html Similar to Garbage Warrior making people Earthship fans, the mushroom idea made me keep an eye on the company http://www.ecovativedesign.com

  2. Hi,

    I am a grad student at ESF in Syracuse. I have recently become interested in the earthship design. If you wouldn't mind, could I email you and ask you a few questions? I am not sure how to find your email address on this blog.

    Thank you,

  3. Great Post! The last photo is so peaceful (:

    This blog is very inspiring to my hubby & I ... cant wait to start building our little Earthship (: