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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Winter Update

It's been a fairly mild winter in the Northeast with only about a foot of cumulative snowfall where we exist.  We did however, have one weekend where it reached -20F but we were very cozy because it was sunny and over 80 degrees inside in the greenhouse.  As of early March, we've gone through about 2 full cords of wood for heating and cooking.  This winter we gave several tours to school groups and individuals interested about Earthships and eco-architecture.  We're expecting our second little girl in late April so we'll be trying to get several projects done as soon as the weather breaks so stay tuned.

After 2 previously brutal winters, we were prepared for a fight.

Tried the new Finnish LeverAxe.  I think I still like my Gerber Splitting axe better.

Oranges are ripe and blossoms are popping everywhere!

Still trying to master the best bread recipe for the wood-fired oven.

Transplanted a coffee plant into the greywater reception cell...in 6 years, I may have a cup of hyper-local coffee.

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