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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spring/Summer Update

It's been a busy warm season with limited time to get projects done.  Solara welcomed her new baby sister, Lyra, in April so most time is devoted to them.  Aside from that, the region has had the worse drought in recent memory. We are currently about 7" below normal for the year and it looks as if we're going to fall way short of the 36" annual average.  We've heard reports of wells going dry in the area...a region that has no experience (or need) with water conservation...a wake-up call for everyone.  Our cisterns are currently a little under 1/4 full (about 1500 gallons) in spite of this.  Lots of people have been asking us about our water levels and I think they're surprised.  I was planning on cleaning out the East pair of cisterns this summer but I postponed due to the lack of rain to recharge them.

Solara - 2.2 yrs  Lyra - .3 yrs
Our perennial food systems are starting to kick in - I spent the spring planting lots of berry, fruit, and nut trees.  The currants and elderberries did ok - looks like a bad apple year though.

Our outside gardens haven't been very productive this year - water rationing, kids, and travel have taken a toll.  Lots of Kale, chard, garlic, potatoes, and tomatoes though.

Reworking our Zone 1

Late season greens and herbs for now.  Excited for this bed next year.

Also turning the area on the West end into a garden area.  I've struggled with this area because I don't want seasonally-shed leaves ending up on the roof and gutter.  Annual veggies should work.

Small retainer wall with leftover timbers from the barn construction.

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