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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fall/Winter Update

 Not a whole lot of progress on the 'Ship over the last few months.  We've actually had a pretty "normal" winter in terms of snowfall and temps which has made it hard to get things done.  The major upgrade was probably the installation of PV panels and radiator fans on the tops of the cooling tubes.  Since ours must perform a 90 degree turn underground to enter the house, this helps push air through the ~50' of earth tubing.

We finished them off with a rock exterior to hide the hideous black plastic.

The banana tree has been used to make tamales!

 Solara has been enjoying the orange harvest.

 Bearss Limes - pretty prolific for a small tree.

 I've been experimenting with grafting different types of citrus onto one tree - so far so good!

Looking forward to the spring weather!

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