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Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekly Update #3

Here is what we've accomplished in the earthship this week!  Thanks for the can donations, and thanks to my dad and Michelle for working this weekend with us!

Septic leach lines in

back patio

my dad, the Can King

Michelle closes in the bedroom wall!

Dad closes in the opposite corner

the hallway view of the "sunshine" room

Chad is leveling out the living room floor

Kitchen floor grouted... done!  All free tiles!

Pantry wall... don't worry,  the red was spray paint!

Dad doing the wall with the diamonds

The "starry night" room

Master bathroom floor!

Master bathroom steps.

Master bathroom wall climbing higher!

"Sunshine" bedroom completed!

"Starry night" bedroom almost all closed in

Kitchen floor and wall 
family bathroom ready to be tiled

hallway can and bottle wall


  1. Before you decide on a particular type and style of tile, you need to make sure it is suitable for its intended position and application. For example, not all floors are strong enough to bear the weight of quarry tiles, and not all ceramic tiles may be used on kitchen countertops or in showers.

  2. Hi! My husband and I are looking forward to starting our earthship soon and I am looking through your progress. It looks awesome, super excited for you. I was wondering how you set the tile on the ground. How did you prep the earth to receive the tile. I've done tile work in our conventional house using durock on the wood subfloor but it looks like from the above pictures that you are going from the dirt to tile. I've never worked with it like that before. Is that how you did it? Where are you building?