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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly Update #5

We are still working really hard during every spare moment we have!  This past week we finished tiling both bathroom floors, passed our electrical inspection, starting covering the walls with plywood, covered the master bathroom shower with backer board, painted on some Red Gard waterproofer, installed a toilet and temporary sink in the master bathroom, finished the short can wall in the greenhouse, cleaned out our bedroom a bit, and cleaned out the living room/kitchen/dining room open space and began laying that granite floor!
master bathroom wall

master bathroom tiling, and toilet installed!

prepping one bedroom to pour the floor

backerboard in our shower!

Red Gard waterproofer... really pink and really stinky! 
4 cans-high greenhouse can wall to separate walkway from planter cell

family bathroom tiled and grouted (still a little cloudy from the grout, needs another wipe-down!)

Chad and his students building a chicken coop... 26 chickens coming in October!
Dad came to help again for the weekend

the moment I've been looking forward to... hanging the plywood so we can begin to install our cabinets!

the first cabinet!!

ahh!  love!

these are just sitting in place... we'll keep working on them

Missing the fridge on the left, more upper cabinets, the oven, the sink,  a dishwasher, and countertops

Dad finishing the can wall 
Red Gard dry and ready to begin installing shower wall tile!

tiling the step in the family bathroom

just found this 4-leaf clover that a student from last week's Skidmore College visiting group left in the wall for us!

working late to polish the kitchen/living room/dining room granite floor mosaic!

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  1. Oh,this is so amazing and powerful and I'm so proud of both of you. So so happy to see your dream unfold!