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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Update #4

      This past week Chad and I have continued tiling, packing out, and laying can walls.  Our local plumber came to begin installing the gas lines for our stove, dryer, and hot water heater (this will be our only utility bill!) and the electricians are almost finished wiring the AC components of the house and will begin the few DC components tomorrow.  Chad and his coworker John finished the other bedroom can wall to the ceiling, and I have been working on tiling our bathroom floor.

      Saturday, we had a large group of interested students from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs.  Their professor of environmental studies, AJ, brought a group of students to tour the earthship and then help us out!  It was so nice meeting you all and thank you for your help!  Also, another one of my 3rd cousins has a friend, Van, who is highly interested in earthships, so he came down from Cazenovia College both days this weekend to help out!

teaching them the ratios in our concrete batches

pizza and drink break

laying a can wall in the greenhouse to separate the planter cell!

thanks everyone for your visit!

"starry night" room with hallway lights on and camera flash
without flash

"sunshine" room bottles

finishing tiling the master bathroom

lots of pack out done today

planter cell can wall

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