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Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Update #6

     We're getting a lot done, but there's SO much to do!  This weekend was uplifting because besides having a 3-day weekend to work on it, we had many awesome visitors that helped us out immensely!  First, Joe and Wes, apprentices from our 3-week build in August, drove up from Pennylvania to give us some serious help with our master shower.  In a day they had the entire thing tiled beautifully, with a granite shelf and floor ledge!  Joe owns his own tiling company, Infinite Ceramic.  They also showed us how to "dry pack" the bedroom floors to lay tile in them.  HUGE thanks Joe and Wes, and it was awesome to hang out again!
     In addition, my brother Connor drove in from Hartford, Connecticut to help out for the weekend, and my mom, my dad, Michelle, Paul, Bridget, and Evan drove down from Rochester.  With that many people working at once, we packed out our bedroom and the back hallway tirewall, as well as the living room.  We even attempted some plastering with the trowels and hawks.  My dad did an awesome job almost finishing the can wall inside our pantry, and Michelle's mom Carol drove down from Oswego and helped pack out the pantry walls.  Michelle started a bottle wall we're putting in the living room to hide the electrical wiring in a framed wall.  Thanks so much to Paul and my family for dedicating your time and muscles!

My granite floor, almost finished (and very dirty in this picture... it doesn't give the beautiful pieces justice!)

Hi Joe and Wes!

Joe tiling up the place with free tile

Kitchen cabinets installed; countertops and appliances are on their way!

Another view of the granite floor

Wes cut all the pieces and hands them over to Joe

the family bathroom

the shower floor (more free tile!  Joe matched them up together to make the color scheme work!)

Joe was working with a spotlight which allowed me to see my shower bottle wall lit up for the first time!

teaching us how to dry-pack

Paul helps clear out the other bedroom of rocks, cement chunks, etc

Mom and Connor trying their hands at plastering!

grouted and finished!


Bridget, Connor, Chad, and Evan packing out the living room

Dad (aka CWK) on scaffolding in the pantry

Michelle's mom Carol packing out the tire wall in the pantry

our new oven and range hood delivered!

Michelle and a new bottle wall

master bedroom tire wall getting pretty covered

I finished one side of our bathroom wall!

our bedroom wall by the end of the weekend (still not finished)

Michelle's bottle wall

sunset through the circle window

dad's master can wall

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