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Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly Update #7

After a busy week and a Friday-Saturday trip to Boston for a conference, on Sunday we were touring the house as a stop in the Tompkins County Green Homes Tour.  So, there aren't too many huge updates.  We had so many interesting people come through that I didn't even think to take any pictures until it was all over with!

our tour poster
trench dug to bring electricity to the barn

the entryway at night

I finally finished the granite floor... grout to come shortly

stove and range hood in, peninsula trimmed with pine 
grapes planted behind the kitchen counter

chimney installed for our future wood-fired pizza oven


starry night bedroom cleared out in preparation for the floor

sunshine bedroom cleared out, floor started

back doorway

greenhouse hallway cleared out in preparation for the floor

master bedroom/bathroom can and bottle wall

master bathroom tiling

master bedroom closet wall

back hallway ready to grout

family bathroom ready to build tub surround/shower


kitchen tiles

"Live Free" with the Earthship Biotecture logo... thanks Quinn!

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  1. I just found your blog through a Facebook post by Francis Gendron. Your home looks amazing! Keep up the great work. It will be our turn sooner than later! Cheers! Yanik Francis and Loik from Quebec.