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Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Update #9

This week we were finishing up in the kitchen, and laying the greenhouse floor.  We packed out some more in the pantry and the bedroom.  Today I was able to pack out a lot of the interior master bathroom wall, and we packed out the inside of the small can wall in the greenhouse.  Chad lined the orange tree planter with rocks.  We had some visitors from Toronto and Dansville NY this weekend and enjoyed meeting them and showing them around.  Next weekend should be a huge work weekend... Joe and Wes are coming back, a few of my family members, and a large group who want a tour and to help!  We were hoping to be in by Halloween, but now we're expecting to be in by Thanksgiving or sooner.  All that's holding us back is plastering the walls so we can cut down on the dust and sand flakes.
The earthship as viewed from Fall Creek Road

rainforest granite backsplash!

so pretty!

cooling tube screens went in to keep our cats (and other creatures) from climbing through them!

me laying the greenhouse floor, in the dark, because we work all the time!

flagstone greenhouse floor

mixed in with a burst of colorful granite

granite flowing

living room granite floor and kitchen

backsplash with my underlie cabinets

packing out the interior wall in our master bedroom/bathroom

bookshelf boxes in place, packing out around them

we packed out the interior of the greenhouse can wall too

Adirondack rocks cemented around the orange tree

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