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Thursday, July 19, 2012

4th tier of insulation wall, 7th course of tires!

     Today our friends James and Anna Doroghazi (brother and sister) visited from Illinois and Connecticut, respectively.  James and his wife Heidi and 2 girls used to be our next door neighbors, but we've both moved since then!  (On a side note, for anyone in or near Illinois, you should definitely take advantage of Heidi Doroghazi's awesome photography skills!  Just look at how beautiful her photos are! http://www.heididoroghazi.com/)
     We finished pounding several tires on the eastern entryway wall, and then James and Anna helped us put up our 4th tier of insulation wall near the cisterns!  Thanks so much for all of your help James and Anna!

It's a balance of holding up the insulation as you try to add dirt from both sides to keep it standing straight

     After they left, Chad and I laid out a straight line of our 7th course of tires, and filled them with dirt without pounding them yet.  At the end of the evening it started to sprinkle, so we covered the tires with insulation boards and retreated to our temporary home for a late dinner.  Here's a pic from a distance of our earthship as of tonight:

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