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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last-Minute Decision... 2 Crew members!

     To make sure we finish all of the tire work by the time the Earthship Crew comes August 13th, the crew decided to send out two members early to work for a week.  Though at first both ends thought this would be August 6-11, they emailed us Saturday (July 28th) asking if it was okay for them to drive straight from their build in Vermont for Freeville "tomorrow morning."  Whew!  So we stopped pounding tires and ran home to prepare their lodging!
     Tiffany and Jacob arrived Sunday afternoon in Mike's truck with a U-Haul full of tools!  They were impressed with our 7-course tire wall thus far, and having them here before the rest of the crew and interns come proved really helpful as Tiffany and I discussed accommodations for the crew, lunch ideas, and Jacob looked over the plans.

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