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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 2 of Camp Earthship!

     Today Luke, Tristan and John were in the groove at Camp Earthship.  They each pounded a few tires, beginning our 6th course!  John also spent time at the bottle bricks station finding buddies to tape together.  A reporter from The Ithaca Journal stopped by to ask if he could do a story on the earthship!

     Later, friends Eric and Erica and ther baby Grace stopped over to see the site.  When Eric asked me how long it takes to finish just one tire, and I told him "between 30-45 minutes," I believe the G-rated version of his response was "You guys are really insane!"

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  1. But all the time you are pounding tires, you are not out somewhere at the mall spending money ... that's huge saving right there :)