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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Visitors

We had heard from a couple of different people who had heard about our earthship and wanted to come help out and learn about it.  Eldar, Oleg, and Mike arrived together after driving from New Jersey.  They are really interested in this type of building, and are planning on helping a friend build an earthship hut in the Catskills.  They came prepared with work clothes, drinks, paper towels, and even a tent!  After working on the wing wall at our entryway, we pointed them in the direction of Taughannock Park for swimming, and the Commons for some food, shopping, and hanging out.  They came back late and stayed in their tent on the earthship site.  Thanks so much for your help guys!

Mike, Eldar, and Oleg

 Meanwhile, Mike and his wife Jody, and three of their children stopped in to check it out.  Mike had heard of an earthship and thought about building one someday, and when he found out there's one being built near him, brought his family over to show them what it's all about!  Thanks for your help!

Mike got right to work experiencing filling and pounding a few tires full
While Eadin and Breanna were pretty excited that I said they could bury their compostable cups in our backfill!

Breanna burying her cup

Then they all joined their dad in filling the tires with dirt

Our dog Koda cooling off in the brush

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  1. Have you checked at Tireland USA for those tires you need? They are a huge tire place in Nichols. Really big place... If you haven't checked there, it would be worth a phone call. Thanks for the pics on the blog page. The kids will be very excited to see that!