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Saturday, August 4, 2012

BIG day!

     Today we had the most helpers we've ever had all at once.  We had people working on the pack-out, leveling the plane to lay the front tire stem wall, pounding tires in the stem wall, making bottle bricks, bending and cutting rebar, shoveling dirt... Thank you to Gary, Susan, Ryan, Julie, 8 members of the Groton Football Team, Amber, and Julie!  
     Later in the day, we also received a visit from Mike, a journalist for The Ithaca Times.  Look for that article later this week.

Amber sprays rebar with Rustoleum

Chad and Groton Football player Nate level off the plane for the front stem wall of tires

Groton Football players Zack, Kyle, Darren, Daymin, and Tristin pound tires on the stem wall

Susan works on the wing wall

Ryan works on the wing wall

Anthony and Julie pack-out the 9th course

Beautiful tire wall!  A view from the top of the west wall

Gary on the tractor scraping a level plane for our stem wall

Earthship Bioteture crew member Jacob working with the Groton Football Team on the stem wall

Mike pours a bucket of sand into the cement mixer

A view from the top of the east wall

Julie washing bottle halves in preparation for bottle bricks

Ryan works on the stem wall of tires laid out, while Amber uses the rebar bender/cutter

Top tire course pack-out to fill the space between the tires

Chad, members of the Groton Football team and Julie work on the stem wall

A posed picture for the Ithaca Times


  1. Your work looks incredible! My boyfriend and I have also been out to Taos to see the Earthships and are planning on building one somewhere in the Northeast within the next couple of years. We will be in your part of New York later this week and we're wondering if it would be cool if we drop by to see you progress! Feel free to just comment on this comment or email me at nyssa.knarvik@gmail.com to let us know. Thanks so much and hope to meet you this week!

  2. Hey guy's. Looking awesome.
    We just built and moved into our tire house a year ago. So we probably know how you are feeling right now. We have lived through all the seasons and so far it has been simply fantastic. We live just north of you in southern Ontario so the weather is pretty close to being the same.
    We built the open concept design so it would be cool to see how the 2 different models compare. We have been taking temp reading of the floor and ambiant air for the whole time.
    Check us out at www.tirehouse.ca