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Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 5

Day 5 of week 1... some of the apprentices are leaving and some new ones are just arriving, and some are staying here 2-3 weeks.  Despite the afternoon rain, we got pretty far on the vaulted entryway (and Kelley placed the bottle bricks above the door!), finished nailing the boards on the vigas, dug the last greywater planter cell (to hold our indoor orange tree!), and began to put the trusses up in the greenhouse.  For those of you who helped during week 1, we are forever grateful and had such a fun time with you!  Stop by any time to see the finished product!

Kelley laying the bottles above the main door

laying two cans walls in between the vigas and insulation is stuffed inside
completed decking

Ryan digging out our orange tree trench!

cool shot of LJ sawing off the extra viga length

digging some interior footers

future back patio

first trusses going up

greenhouse bottle wall starting today

Nick on the site level

nailing on the front face over the vigas

digging footers inside

make-your own burrito lunch by Momma


tar paper being rolled out onto the roof

our ceiling

Kelley and the Garbage Warrior (in a garbage bag raincoat) working on the entryway

using teamwork to bring over a completely-full wheelbarrow of wet cement

Chad nailing in the joist hangers to hold the trusses

my brother Connor peeking through to lay a can wall 

first two to beer:30

Koda hangs with the crew

recliner seating

Brian's one dreadlock crawling onto Phil's shoulder

Brian and Phil let their hair down 

LJ wishes he had hair like Brian and Phil's, so Maria (his recliner buddy) leant her locks

tired Koda

Freeville Earthship Week 1
Close up of the gang (Go ahead and play "Where's Jacob?"  Then if you find him, play "Where's Michael?")

after-work hangout

Hacky-sack?  A soccer ball?  No, these are earthship builders.  They're kicking around a plastic milk carton!

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  1. Courtney!!! This is absolutely mind blowing and incredible. Truly a paradigm shift in how to live life! I love it so much! Your earth ship is looking gorgeous so far and I am amazed at how much got done! I wish Penelope was older so I could come and help more. I think she would be a handful right now if I came to help... However, I LOVE how these pictures reflect a community coming together to help build your future home, where your future will take place! What a labor of love! I hope you're able to sit back at times and let this all sink in. You and Chad are so wonderful and deserve this, it truly reflects your hearts. I'm so happy for you two. I love you guys very much and miss you lots dear friend. Much love to you and all the beautiful hands coming together to build and create. I wish I could give you a big hug right now! hehe :)