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Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 1, Day 1

All I have to say is oh. my. gosh.  I knew this team would build fast but it's amazing to see it in action!  Got to meet a lot of kind, like-minded "apprentices" today too!  I'm exhausted but excited for what the rest of the week has in store!
working on the stem wall

Phil teaching Christina and Jeremy how to prep for the bond beam

action from the east

Porcupining the top of the tire wall in prep for the bond beam

Apprentice camping

buttress dug
buttress rebar form

Michael Reynolds, architect who invented earthships

more bond beam prep

Lou plumbing the cisterns

footing being dug for interior structure and glass

the start of the bond beam: can walls which will create a mold to hold in poured cement
Lou plumbing the cisterns
two cisterns plumbed together

digging the footer; cement will be poured into it
Mike using the digger to dig out the footer

the cement station

footer in foreground with greywater trench behind that

cement station hard at work

inside the can wall bond beam

can wall bond beam... cement to be poured into it

Lunch tent
lunch break

buttress molds in place

preparing the stem wall to hold the front 100 feet of windows
rebar forms to go into footer trench

lots of cool rebar work in the footer trench

so many people doing so many things!

Dryden Fire Department here to partially fill the cisterns to check the connections
Lou (Luigi) the plumber and the fire department hose

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  1. You had Mike at your property on day 1? That is incredible. This is so happening for us. I am concerned that we aren't going to have the crew that you had. Is this seriously day 1 shots? That is a ton of work for one day. These are taken from last August, and it's January. Be my guide. Please. I know from experience that doing work for the planet means that the planet will work with me and provide the help needed to do so, but still its a little overwhelming. I want to know more.