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Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 2, Day 7

     Today began week 2 with the crew from New Mexico.  Michael Reynolds had to leave Sunday for some family business, but crew member Taylor and his girlfriend Stephanie came in his place!  We also welcomed several new apprentices as well as several returners.
     Today all of the cedar planks went up on the greenhouse wall, so the next step should be the glass!  Chad and Lou, our plumber, went to Lowes together this morning to figure out what kinds of parts we'd need with our plans for placement of bathroom sinks and toilets and showers.  Meanwhile, some more trenches were dug today for the blackwater travel, as well as our back door airlock.  A lot happened on the roof today!  They first finished installing the double-layer of 4-inch insulation boards, and then screwed in 1x4 purlins with 12 inch screws reaching all the way through to the vigas!  Toward the bottom of the slanted roof we placed a few strands of pex tubing that the solar hot water tank will pump hot water through in the winter to aid in snow melt for water catchment.  After this task, we began the final layer of the roof: the metal!
   At the end of the day, my sister surprised us and showed up with an anniversary cake, brownies, my favorite ice cream, and champagne!  Thanks Cait, it was a really special celebration!  Then we went out to eat with a gift card my mom insisted we use tonight, despite how much is on our minds in the middle of this build!  Of course that was followed by a trip to Lowes for screws and spray-foam insulation, and two stops to a couple restaurant/bars to check out their bottle recycling situation (we are now in need of clear wine bottles!)

My car last night filled with bags and bags of much-needed cans!

looking more and more beautiful every day

Smiley and Brian work very closely together

Lou in bathroom #1
plumbing wall for master bathroom

1x4 purlins

Taylor and LJ making cuts

pex tubing going in

little logistics meeting after lunch with the new group of apprentices

Youngest volunteers with the crew, Catherine and Bridget!

First metal roof piece going on!

Tar paper and insulation going above the greenhouse.  Solar panels will be placed here.

Doug doing the awkward task of cutting the metal roof pieces to size

Yay our airlock door footers being dug!

blackwater line being dug

gutter/drain off of our vaulted entryway

Mary surrounding herself in can walls!

Lou, sitting in our future shower 

parapet to hold the berm

metal roof!

Surprise visit from my sister Caitlin...

...and our cake!

She even loves us enough to do a little work while she was here!

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