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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 6

The crew works on Saturdays with whoever would like to work with them, though the apprentices that haven't gone home for the weekend aren't obligated to.  So today we had about 25 people working at once on the 'ship.  Today Justin, Smiley, Osmany, and Brian placed the cedar window struts into the the greenhouse, while Phil, Doug, Connor, Chad, Tiffany, Kai, John, Shante, and Maria worked on the roof: it got it's full covering of tar paper, and then some of the 8 inches of insulation, and a gutter!  The ventilation boxes were carried into place, and the VERY heavy battery box is now in it's location on the front center of the roof.  Jacob, Michael, Kelley, and Beau continued to work on the entryway.  Lou, Frances, and Don worked on the interior plumbing walls and put the solar hot water box in place.  My mom and I worked on bottle bricks for the surrounding of the beautiful circle window in the greenhouse.  We finally have a day off (Sunday), and then it's back to work Monday with some new as well as returning apprentices!

bending the flashing to make gutters

Maria wrapping and fastening the EPDM

FINALLY getting those huge 4-inch-thick insulation boards out of our barn loft!

Lou and the solar hot water heater box

design over the vault

sweeping off the tar-papered roof

Shante brought her dog, Batman, and he and Koda were instant buds.  They played together all day!  Here they are resting in the shade together.

Solar hot water system


first 4-inch layer of insulation on the roof

Ventilation boxes.  These will have operable windows to let out the rising greenhouse heat.

working on the master bathroom plumbing wall

Momma at the bottle brick station

second layer of 4-inch insulation 

looking down on Kelley with her green, blue, purple, and light blue bottles next to her ready to place

I don't know whose face I like more : )

time to move that heavy battery box

battery box on the entra-long vigas

The Cronk family, building an earthship in Watertown NY, came for a visit


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