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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 15

Lou talking a local plumber through the system

Lou showing the local plumber the greywater planter system


can wall party in one of the bedrooms!

daily check-in of the height of the can wall

concrete slab in the master bedroom

Phil and Casey working on smoothing and leveling the poured slab

master bedroom view from the hallway

beginning of the master bedroom step

can wall getting high!

Ale on pack-out

Testing the plumbing.  This is the planter cell behind the sink.

Ready to lay concrete slab for the kitchen cabinets

Francis explaining the pump setup that will bring the greywater to the toilets

Brian making doors

rebar trellis on back patio


solar system

bathroom vents

can wall assembly line

Preston installing entryway frame

carpenters LJ, Mike, and Brian viewing the plans

Deb and Michelle visit from Rochester!

happy Ale extending the buttress

Beau squeezed in a tight spot for his height! 

Jacob doing what he does best

Rob and Beau install the hot water heater

finishing the master bedroom cement floor

Kelley on the back doorways

still laying cans!

pouring last bit of concrete

back hallway with two bedroom doorways and then our master bedroom straight ahead

Phil does a walkthrough to show everybody the house and answer questions

master bedroom cement floor finished!

Batman and Koda romping around in the dirt and dust

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