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Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 17... the Final Day

master bedroom

master bathroom

applying the brown final coat of plaster to the faces of the entryway

Koda checks out a mini-potbellied pet pig Joe (an apprentice) and his family brought for a visit

Batman faces off to the pig

Groton bleacher wood floor back in on top of concrete slab and plywood

Brian brings in the front door

working on that brown top coat

LJ building our closet wall

Taylor building doors

Lou hooking up temporary sink

more master bedroom pack out

Aliza surrounded by can walls!

installing the closet wall

behind the wall

end of the day packing, tool claiming, and hanging out

Osmany's friend Paul sings "a song for the Freeville Earthship Fam"

crew trying to squeeze all of their tools into the U-Haul

Final picture of those who could stick around through Friday evening with our earthship in the background!
back row: Preston, Taylor, LJ, Osmany, Paul, Phil, Francis, Shanti, (visitor for the day I didn't meet!)
front row: Chad, Courtney, Lou, Aliza, Nick, Brian, Megan, Sam, Rob, Tiffany, Jacob
(others were around but not in the picture)

The crew's U-Haul packed full

Everyone out to dinner together that night!

My mom Char, me (Courtney), and Chad

huge bonfire together for our last night

Preston threw in something that made the flames colorful

Chad and I lit a Chinese floating lantern to represent and celebrate the amazing time we all had together building our earthship these past 3 weeks

the release

then Chad performed fire poi for us

earthship dark in the background

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