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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 8

Today we chipped away at more plumbing inside the house, more digging of wall and doorway footers, and finishing screwing the roofing and fastening the flashing to the ventilation boxes.  I was really excited when they started opening the boxes of our greenhouse slanted glass!  Brian, Nick, Osmany, Rob, Smiley and maybe more that I didn't see carried over and installed all of our exterior glass today!  It looks more and more like a house every day!

rainwater collection off of roof... yes, the water has to go up and over that little barrier

finished roof!

Colin digging the footers for our back doors

packing out the outer stem wall

master bathroom plumbing

not a coffin... it's our two back doors

thermal wrap enclosing toward the house

Doug flashing one of the ventilation boxes 
I'm glad my mom was back on her day off of work to serve us!

Sid and Batman help clean the platters

Brian's opening the boxes that contain the glass!!!

Kelley through the eyes of the vault

glass going in!

operable windows too

one back doorway in place

love this : )

view from the northwest

Batman and Koda take a break in the Prius for a little bit
I caught them making out.

Catherine and Bridget help clean bottle halves

where the apprentices have set up camp


blackwater pipes from the kitchen sink and toilet leading out of the house 

I caught Frances stealing a tool from LJ's toolbelt

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  1. I LOVE the progress! Batman and Koda making out in the car cracked me up!!! Thanks for posting pictures of my Roo (Kelley)...she is so awesome and I miss her terribly!