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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 9

    We're now at Day 9 out of the 18 workdays we'll have the crew and apprentices.  Halfway!  Yet we are about a week ahead of schedule because everyone here is working so hard, so well together, and really knows what they're doing.  Plus Chad and I work until after 9:00pm making sure everything is ready for the next workday.  The house looks so cool when you drive by us, and all of the little exterior details are getting finished before everybody moves inside!  Today the interior glass went in, more parts of the roof boxes were flashed, the wing tire walls were packed out, the thermal wrap met the roof, and the outside of the stem wall got insulated.  The back two doorways were added, and we started the bottle work around these.  Kelley finished the bottle work around that front circular window, and it looks so beautiful.  Inside, more footers were dug, and the other two bedrooms were strung up.  Chad and Lou bought a lot of plumbing parts at Lowes again today.  I ended the afternoon with a trip to Chateau Dusseau in Locke, NY, because my new friend Levi said there were a lot of bottles there they could give me.  I think I left with around 600!  Thanks Levi and Robert!

battery charging station!

back doorways

I liked how this can wall mimicked the rolling hills behind it!

Kelly and Noah helping me on bottle duty today!

Jacob and Don, measuring and placing more flashing

Beau and the backwater piping that will lead to the septic tank

Wes begins the bottle work around our back doors 

Batman cooling off in the shade

These 3 musketeers were on glass duty again today!

Installing the interior glass window

bedrooms with lines strung

kitchen and bathroom plumbing wall

packing out the front wing wall

Chad and Lou finally arrive home from their trip to Lowes (Chad's 5th trip there in the last week) and this is the receipt...

Moved to the shade... Kelly rocked at making bottle bricks today!

master bathroom beginning of can wall

bedroom #1

bedroom #2

family bathroom

planter cell for our indoor dwarf orange tree!


Wow, nice wing wall pack out!

3 out of 8 of our batteries placed in the battery box.  We haven't hooked up the solar panels yet.

Shanti and Tiffany on the hot roof all day

A look down from the roof to our vaulted entryway

Chad's truck packed to the max with cases of empty bottles!

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  1. Wow, Courtney! This is coming along great! I enjoy seeing creative and different solutions to problems, and this one tops 'em all!