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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Rain and Visitors

Our last weekend work day before the crew and interns come brought rain on and off.  Our friends Dirk and Bronwyn and their two children Jessica and Samantha came first thing this morning...

...but were quickly rained out!

Jessica and Samantha took advantage of this break

Bronwyn and Jessica : )
 I decided to take advantage of the rain and lay out every half-bottle we still have to rinse.  My mom and I poured a little bleach-mixture into each bottle half and waited for the rain to do its washing!
Beautiful bottle colors!

     Later in the day my dad and his wife Michelle came from a weekend on Seneca Lake.  When the sun came back out, Dirk and Jessica came back for more.  We finished most of the 1st course on the stem wall, which is comprised of about 35 big tires: 16-245s.

Michelle and dad
Family pound! Michelle, dad, mom, me (Courtney)

My dad prides himself on being (we think) the oldest person (56) to pound a tire in our house.  Here's him with one of the youngest (4), Jessica, helping my dad by dumping a bucket of dirt into the tire

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