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Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 11

     A lot is happening inside now, as the roof and berm are finished.  A few people are finishing off the entryway (plastering) and a group of people are concentrating on the back doorway, where we're having a patio.  Inside, there is still a lot of pipes and tubes for plumbing being placed, and the can walls are rising!
   Another big highlight of today is that the solar panels went up!

installing a bedroom door

Joe digging the footer for the pantry

oh Nick

getting ready to install the solar panels!

bedroom #2 can wall leading to master bathroom wall

water organizing module (WOM)

cistern overflow

half of our panels

Sam, Ali, Joe, and Don installing a solar panel

back patio area

Doug and Gary


back doorway bottle art

the two bedrooms

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