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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 14

Megan and Ale building can walls

Hey there cement station!

Doug making our back entryway look pretty

Lovers.  They play all day long.

Sidd sleeps all day long.

I made our St. Germain star bottle bricks!

master bathroom walls

drain along the front 

Jacob concentrating on our entryway

Water Organizing Module (WOM) at work!

master bathroom

Momma's Tuesday lunch 
She even made Lou three birthday cakes, all with chocolate chip handle-bar mustaches!
plastering the stem wall

front berm

daily can wall height check

Osmany's drinking glass went missing... and he found it when doing my bathroom bottle wall!

Preparing to lay a cement slab in the master bedroom

The can room!  Thanks for contributions... yes, we will still need more!

Ale and Osmany made this AWESOME present for Lou!  He went go carting on his birthday!

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